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DUDE! I ski at appalachian ski mtn allll the time and i think its really cool that I stumbled upon someone who helped design the new terrain park logos and such. I really like them; you did a great job!


Yo! Thanks for the kind words! I can’t take all the credit though. I worked under a really talented dude named Chris Reynolds. He grew up in Boone and is ATP/ASM’s main designer. It was a really kick ass job to work with him there. Further pushed me towards a career in snow sports — which I’m still going after. I shred ATP whenever I’m in NC. Love the place! 

Stay stoked. 


Your work and energy is inspiring. As a senior in graphic design, what do you recommend for in the final year? How did you find your style/direction in graphic design? How did you find yourself? Sincerely, confused.


Hey thanks!! I appreciate it. Honestly I would say I haven’t found my style yet. It’s one of those things that I think progress over the course of your career. I’d like to think I’ve yet to land on a set style. There is still lots that I want to explore before I’m known for something. 

But to answer your question, maybe, I would say how I found myself was pursuing what I love and what I’m passionate about. I have always wanted to work in the snowboard/action sport industry and that helps keep me motivated. I’m not there yet so I just keep pushing towards that. I think it’s great to have goal not yet met so you have the drive to keep chasing them. 

Hope this helps!

Just a lil’ watercolor illy I did today. 
Just a snippet of 2 years worth of drinking good beer — It was a good ride 530 E. Jones St. Thanks for the memories! 
Found type. 
I want a patina VW so bad! 
Vans Authentics on my feet. Finally. 
Hiker laces were a good decision. 
Beach trip on a Monday? What could be a better cure for the week ahead…
Good Luck Hefe!  
Messed around with the ol’ dusty Wacom on this one…
Today’s color & texture exploration in my visual journal.
Big things in store, working on a lil’ self-promo piece.
My blogging abilities have lately been strangled by academia. That’s about to change. 
Just messin’ around with a vinyl diecut idea…
Who knows…
Practicing a bit with my Herman Miller trade show booth concept. 
Had to brush the dust off my Bamboo Tablet hiding under the desk. Motivated by the Great Leighton (http://www.coroflot.com/leightonmcdonald) Peep his Tumblr here: http://iamleighton.com/ 
Rough start, I’m sure the quality will pick up a bit when I move to the Cintiques.